If you fear you might be addicted to online casino games, you have come to the right place for support. 2addicted is also useful for those whose loved ones might be struggling with a gambling addiction. We will teach you how to recognize the signs and what to do if you suspect your friend, partner or parent is addicted to online gambling.

Gambling addiction is not rare nowadays and it affects all kinds of people regardless of gender, race, financial status etc. Thinking that it can’t happen to you because you’re too good, careful, mature, smart, emotionally stable etc. is the biggest mistake gamblers make.

It is our mission to raise awareness about gambling addiction. Living in denial prevents addicts from seeking help. The very essence of the word addict suggest you lost control. It’s in our nature to want to have everything under control which is why it’s difficult to see when we’re in a downward spiral. We want to make you understand that there is no shame in being an addict and you shouldn’t feel unworthy or weak for seeking help.

Apart from helping people who struggle with gambling addiction, this website also presents the latest news in the world of online casino games. If you want to stay current about the latest online gambling games and promotions, make sure to subscribe to our blog. Online casino games are very entertaining and it would be such pity to deprive yourself of this joy just because you are afraid of a future gambling addiction. As long as it does not become an obsession, gambling is a very effective way to unwind and even gain some extra cash.

2addicted also teaches people how to make money out of online gambling while promoting safe and responsible betting. You will learn how to choose the right online casino and how to protect yourself against online fraud.