Why Parents Shouldn’t Place a Bet in Front of Their Children

Gambling is a very popular and thrilling activity that is easy to get addicted to. The reason it remains legal in many states and countries is twofold: it is very profitable and people can bet responsibly, whether it is in betting parlors, on the track, or online with a 22bet bonus. However, there is a group of punters that shouldn’t exist in the first place – minors. Here is why children should not be present when an adult is gambling.

The Appeal

Children and teenagers often see their parents’ behavior as something grown-ups do. Unfortunately, that involves risky behavior as well, which includes smoking, drinking, and gambling. If the parents partake in these things openly in front of their children and don’t warn them about the potential risks they bring, the children and minors in question are very likely to develop problems in these areas.

The problem comes from the fact that not only is gambling in itself addictive, but there is an extra thrill that adults don’t possess – the danger of getting caught. Minors are well aware that gambling is illegal for them and being faced with the prospect of getting caught doing something forbidden gives them a spike of adrenalin. As we’ve mentioned before, gambling is addictive and this could only make them come back for more to recreate the feeling, regardless of whether they are going to win or lose.

Is That The Only Reason?

No. There are more issues with the parents partaking in gambling when their kids are about that are, admittedly, less problematic. That being said, they should still not be ignored. When an adult is placing a bet or playing a casino game with their child present, the child is usually not the priority of their focus. This doesn’t mean that the parent should abandon their favorite hobby – far from it. However, they should pay due attention to their child and spend some quality time with them that doesn’t put them in the background.

Additionally, it is imperative that parents, whether they gamble or not, have a serious discussion about risky behaviors with their children and how to avoid making bad choices. That way, not only will they protect children from developing addictive habits, they will also prepare them for future challenges.

How Kids Gamble

While an adult has no problem visiting a parlor, a track, or a bar, and placing a bet there, it is different for children and minors. They are not allowed in these establishments and sometimes those with an early growth spurt can pass off as adults, but more often than not, they have to find a locale that is willing to break the law and let them in or bribe an adult to place a bet for them.

This is why online gambling is a big problem. There is no foolproof way of determining whether a punter is under 18/21 or not. This is the reason why many children and teens place bets and play casino games online. They can do it in relative safety and anonymity the internet provides to its visitors.

Social Media as Problematic Behavior

You have probably come across a few people who jokingly say they are addicted to social media. As it turns out, it can pose a problem. Problematic social media use does not mean all social media use, but only the cases that cause the same effects and symptoms are other types of addictive behavior.


People that use social media too much are often dealing with anxiety or depression, though this is not necessarily the case. The issues arise from the need to be connected and do what everyone else is doing. After a while, social media provide a falsely safe environment for communicating with the world. Children, teenagers, and young adults are especially at risk of giving up the traditional means of communication for the sake of social media platforms.


Communication is so much easier on the internet than it is in real life. You have your profile(s), your screen name and all the anonymity you could ask for, which allows you to share some of the thoughts you would not be comfortable expressing out loud. One of the issues is the fact that the virtual world has its own set of rules and social regulations. We also control our image online and tend to present ourselves as happier and more successful than we really are.

How It Makes Us Feel

Social media, especially certain popular platforms, often make us feel inadequate. People tend to post the highlights of their life, like starting a new job or a family, often ignoring the bad times. This is particularly problematic when we are spending more and more time online and not interacting with people.

There are a few indicators that a person is addicted to social media, but the experts often disagree on a few of them. They include mood swings, being on social media platforms at the expense of other activities and obligations (like checking one’s Facebook repeatedly instead of working, or snapping an Instagram story about having dinner with a loved one instead of actually enjoying said dinner), and tolerance, where we spend more and more time on social media platforms for the same gratifying feeling, along with a type of anxiety when the subject is not able to log into the social media platform.

How to Deal with It

There is no prescribed treatment, as this type of problematic behavior is relatively recent. Furthermore, social media are such a big part of our professional and private lives that it is virtually impossible to avoid them. The only thing that works is showing supports and urging the person to interact with their friends and family more. This is particularly important when it comes to children and teens.

The Safest Gambling Platforms – Gamble Safely

Without a doubt, gambling has been here with us for a long time and is here to stay. With the development of technology, specifically, the internet, things have changed even more. It is possible to gamble online now, as well as you could at any local bookmaker or casino.

Yet, concerns have been raised as anything novel tends to scare us. The same goes for the internet, especially gambling online. Shopping online took a while to take off and gambling also had its fair share of low profit.

Some lottery sites have been online since 1997 and they, too, had to wait until 2005 at least to take off, mostly because the internet was not as widely available as it is now.

Gambling online has its perks, such as this online casino in the UK which offers 50 pounds of credits with this coupon. Apart from all the benefits, there are some things which can scare customers off, and rightly so.

Here are some of the safest gambling sites online.


This site is not as old as 1997 but it is also not among the newer sites, dating back to 2006. Its benefits are, besides a long-standing brand and reputation, the fact that it offers more than just casino games. You can also enjoy betting on actual sports, whether football, basketball or even esports, there are a plethora to choose from. Additionally to being a casino with slots, the most frequent thing you can find online, you can also enjoy playing poker.

Betway is just one of the many sites under the wing of Betway Group, the others being Hippodrome Casino, Spin Casino, Bingo on the Box and many others.

Aside the encryption and customer support, the site is backed by a good reputation and its customer-oriented business attitude.

Jackpot City Casino and Spin Palace Casino

Both of these sites are safe and offer various casino games from slots, roulette, video poker, blackjack and many more. Since they are both casinos, it only depends on your own choice whether you will favor one or the other.

They both offer a variety of games and security for the customers, including multiple deposit and withdraw options. The sites are also available in different languages.

Manual Assessment

If you think these sites do not meet your requirements, then you should asses the sites on your own. The best way to do that is to see whether they are regulated under any gambling license. That ensures that gameplay will be fair and that you will not be ripped off.

Secondly, you should check the site’s track record, as that should tell a story of its own, most likely a very clear one. Stay away if you can’t find any reviews or other sources which report of the site’s activities.

Whether you choose on of the sites in the list above or decide to do your own homework before you place a bet, do know that there are many safe online gambling sites and that all you need to do is some research.

Are You Addicted to Gambling?

Anyone, from any walk of life, could fall into the trap of gambling and become addicted to this activity. Though it usually starts inoffensively, with a cheap lottery ticket or some small sports bets, it can quickly turn into a real problem.


And it’s really easy to get addicted to gambling nowadays, considering most online casinos offer very enticing perks to their customers, like this bonus code from iLottery.


But gambling addiction goes well beyond sports betting, and could mean addiction to anything from scratch cards to slots, roulette, poker, or even stock market bets. So how do you know you’re having a gambling problem?


There are some telling signs that will clearly signal you’ve got a problem, and the sooner you decide to be honest with yourself and acknowledge the signs, the better, as you will be able to take measures to treat your addiction.


The first sign would be the fact that you simply cannot stop. So if you feel you have trouble controlling the impulse to gamble and you continue gambling even when you notice it has begun having negative consequences in your life, it means you have a gambling problem.  


Usually, compulsive gamblers only think about gambling and tend to spend increasing amounts of money on their addiction even if they don’t actually have the necessary finances and cannot afford to lose. Some of them chase free stuff usually offered by casino websites in order to gamble more and create multiple accounts to benefit from bonuses like the one you can obtain with the mentioned bonus codes.


So another sign is this irrational urge to gamble even when you know the odds are against you and you don’t even have the money to continue playing games of chance.  Often times, addicts also turn to borrowed money, and sadly some stoop even lower and steal to feed their addiction.


That’s because gambling addicts tend to chase losses, trying to recover money they’ve lost by betting even more.


It has been noticed that people who suffer from gambling addiction also have other behavior disorders, like substance abuse, anxiety, stress, depression, or ADHD, so gambling is not just a form of entertainment for them, but an escape from reality.

But even if gambling can temporarily make them feel good, on the long run, this addiction triggers negative emotions like frustration, especially when you realize you can’t stop, remorse when you lose, the urge to reward yourself for anything with a gambling session, disinterest in other aspects of your life, and more.


Additionally, most of those who have a problem with games of chance are secretive or lie about their gambling activities, mostly because they refuse to admit they have a problem and feel that people around them wouldn’t understand them.


And instead of seeking help, most of them bury even deeper and make gambling a priority in their lives, putting it before other important things like family, job, career, social relationships.


When this kind of behavior dominates, it’s crystal clear you’re facing gambling addiction and you should take action to break the habit and regain control of your life before it leads to family break-ups or legal problems. If you fell you can’t manage by yourself, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help.

Common Online Gambling Systems – Can You Win More with a System?

The short answer is quite likely not, but the long answer is a bit more complicated than that. Gambling systems have been around for a while, and while it is important to note that they cannot guarantee you that you will win money, they can however make you rethink your strategies.  Responsible gambling is the best kind of gambling. Nevertheless, if casual gambling is your pastime, you can try out some free spins and bonuses at Quickspin Slots.

Among the many gambling systems, the most popular ones are the Progressive systems, both positive and negative. Many progressive systems are considered to be dangerous, especially the negative ones, so be careful when using them, as you might end up losing more than you win.

The Positive Progressions:

Positive progressions are simple, the more you win, the more you bet, the less you win, the less you bet. A very simple and easy to understand system is the Paroli system.

The base of the system is that you select a stake which will serve as your starting point, for example, 10 dollars. Every time you win, you increase your bet by that base amount, 10 dollars. If you lose, you default back to the base bet of 10 dollars and increase it by 10 for every win.

The 1-3-2-6 system:

This is also a positive progression and is a simple one, too. You make an initial bet of let’s say, 10 dollars, and here’s how the system works, having in mind the initial bet:

  1.    You bet 10 dollars.
  2.    You win 20 dollars, but since the number 3 of the system is there, you add another 10 dollars to make the bet 30, in other words, 3 times the initial bet.
  3.    You win 60 dollars and you want to bet 2 times of your initial bet for this step, meaning you pick up 40 dollars and leave 20 on the table.
  4.    You win 40 dollars and since this is the final step, you add another 20 to make it a 60, meaning 6 times your initial bet.

If you happen to lose at any step, you get back to your initial, base bet of whichever amount you happened to choose.

The Negative Progressions:

These are opposite to the positive ones, meaning that you increase your stakes when you lose and that you decrease them when you win. This is an extremely dangerous method if one is prone to overindulgence in gambling.

The Martingale:

This is the most famous and oldest betting system, having two rules which makes it one of the simplest ones, as well. The first rule requires you to double your stake every time you lose, while the second one requires you to stake a base unit every time you win.

If you bet 10 dollars and lose, you double up to 20, lose that and double up to 40 and if you win, you’re up 10 dollars. You then start over, betting another 10.

This method is attractive as no matter how much you lose, you gain money if you win, by that same base number you selected. This method if flawed, however, and requires you to have an infinite bank account. Losing streaks are real and can cost you a lot of money.

Remember, even though betting systems exist and are common and some very well-known, they do not alter the game or your odds of winning, so gamble responsibly, regardless of the system you choose.


The Legend of Shangri-La Cluster Pays Slot Review


The Legend of Shangri-La is a Cluster Pays slot with 6 reels, brought to us by NetEnt. With a generous BGO welcome bonus for new players you will get up to 50 free spins to try out this superb slot.

Unlike the majority of online slots, there are no paylines in this game. Instead, you win by forming a cluster of 9 or more symbols anywhere on the reels. Cluster is formed by horizontally or vertically adjacent symbols. The reward depends on how many symbols there are in the cluster as well as on their value. It can be played on mobile, desktop, and tablet devices with bets ranging from 10p to £200 per spin. The theme is inspired by a mythical valley of Shangri-La: a sacred place of refuge for Buddhist monks.

Visually stunning, The Legend of Shangri-La Cluster Pays brings with it a sense of beauty, harmony and tranquillity. Cristal mountain lakes and green valleys in the background splendidly depict the Himalayan utopia. The experience is enriched by music combining sounds of nature with oriental instruments.

Symbols include cherry blossoms, goldfish, dragonflies, butterflies, and three stacked guru symbols (a white tiger, an elephant and a monkey) that count as two regular symbols. The white tiger is the highest paying symbol giving you 1,000 times your total stake for 30 or more on the reels.

There’s also a green substitution symbol which can replace all the adjacent symbols (except for the Free Spins symbol) to give you the best winning combination.

The game is made more dynamic by plenty of additional features: sticky re-spins, random substitution, nudge reels and free spins.

Sticky re-spins are sometimes triggered when at least 2 non-winning clusters of the same symbol appear anywhere on the reels, causing the symbols to stick in place, while the others are re-spinning. The re-spins will go on as long as new sticky symbols appear.

Random Substitutions is triggered in the same way as sticky re-spins, by landing at least two clusters of the same symbol. When activated, a friendly red panda will create at least one substitution symbol and add it to the existing clusters until a win is achieved.

However, the most attractive is the Free Spins feature which you can activate by getting 3 or more Free Spin symbols. If you score 3, 4, 5 or 6 free spin symbols anywhere on the reels, you will be rewarded with 5, 6, 7 or 8 free spins, respectively. Getting free spins is made easier by a nudge reel feature, that can occasionally bring the third free spin symbol back onto the reels.

Once free spins are triggered, your chances for big wins increase significantly, as substitution symbols are added randomly to each free spin. This way, you can easily win more than 10 times your total stake.

To sum up, The Legend of Shangri-La Cluster Pays looks amazing and has the potential for big winnings. In addition, it is fun to play because of all the additional features spicing up the game.

Fantasy-inspired slot games – the new thing

If you are sick of online casino games that have no story and poor graphics, you might be one of the people who love fantasy inspired online slots as opposed to classic and vintage games. For you it’s not just about winning, it’s also about the play itself. Since we all know that the story and graphics are 2 major things that decide the fate of a newly released game, it’s easy to understand why big casino games developers are shifting their attention toward this type of online slots. Long story short, let’s see what fantasy based games are worth your while and money.

Dragon Slot

This 5-reel game has 20 adjustable paylines and is based on the artwork of the Spanish illustrator Ciruelo. Match 3 Free Spins symbols and you will get bonus rounds. The developers want to put more focus on the player thus making you choose the dragon to fight against the knight. If your chosen dragon wins, you will enter the round with free spins and multiplier symbols. On the other hand, a losing battle will bring you only 10 free spins.

Charms & Clovers Slot

Featuring 60 fixed paylines, 6 reels and 4 rows, Charms & Clovers will make you feel like a little leprechaun wandering across Ireland. The little green man will show you the treasures that await you at the end of the rainbow on the clover field. Follow the red-haired leprechaun to collect your winnings on the way. The soundtrack is made of Irish jigs and of course, the sound of spinning reels that will heighten the anticipation as the reels spin.

Poltava Flames of War

This video slot has 40 fixed paylines, 5 reels and 4 rows and it was released by ELK Studios less than a year earlier. It is inspired by the great Poltava battle that took place in 1709. You have the chance to change world history together with your army made of infantry, artillery and of course, the knights. The animations and graphics will make everything much more interesting.

Magic Unicorn

If you have been dreaming as a child to meet a magic unicorn, this is your chance to see one at least in virtual life considering that we are yet to discover them in real world. This 5-reel slot was developed by Game-Art and thanks to these people you are given the chance to rule a magic kingdom under the full moon. The unicorn is the wild symbol of the game, being able to replace any icon except for the full moon.

Pixie Gold

You are invited to take a journey into the magic woods where you will meet supernatural fairies and other creatures that will help you collect winnings on your way. Pixie will be the wild symbol that replaces any other symbol except for the Star with K and lightning.

Whatever game you try, always remember to bet responsibly. Gambling is no longer fun if you keep losing, so start with small stakes until you get a hold of how the game works.

Attack of the Zombies is the Latest Slot Game of Genesis

ggi_horizontallogo_slogan_blue_webGenesis Gaming is known for its significant role in developing online slot games played by millions of users. They have a history in launching zombie themed games, which explains why this one is at least as good as its predecessors.

The Attack of the Zombies video slot is described as horror based. It’s far from being scary but we can say it’s terrifyingly good. You are thrown back in time to the old town of London where zombies are walking loose in search for brains and treasures. Get ready to enjoy hours of fun after a hard day at work. Everybody deserves to just sit back and do what they love most.

The theme is certainly unique and the gameplay quite dark and gloom, setting this game apart from all the other zombie video slots available online. The return to player is 96.372% and you can bet 0.5 to 500 dollars, euros, or pounds. The layout of the slot is 5×3 and it has 50 paylines.

If you don’t get the antidote in time, the Zombie Hunters will turn into zombies and you will keep getting less valuables brains. Still, when this happens, the player gets free spins, which is good news for any passionate player who wants to turn his life around by winning big at online slots. The Antidote Free Spins symbol is triggered by at least 3 Bonus symbols. The hunters are turned into zombies and the free spins round begins. You will know the Free Spins end when the hunters are cured.

The developers are very excited to release this game right before Halloween. You have to admit they timed the moment perfectly. James Watson, the Director of European Sales of Genesis Gaming says the game is “superbly crafted, fast paced and exciting.” Attack of the Zombies aims to provide players with that feeling of joy and excitement. According to players, the game seems to achieve this goal.

You don’t have to take his word for it, you are free to try the game yourself. Who knows, maybe this is your lucky night. There are plenty of people who played video slots just for fun and never thought they could win hundreds of thousands of euros. Why shouldn’t you be one of them? The more you play, the more chances you get to win more money than you ever dreamt of.

How to bet responsibly

casinoBetting can be a lot of fun but for some people it turns into an addiction and it ruins their lives. There is no such thing as safe gambling because every bet you make comes with the risk of losing your investment. Nonetheless, you can practice this hobby responsibly and we will show you how. Here are a few tips on how to stay out of trouble.

Keep a sharp mind

Never gamble if you consumed alcoholic beverages or drugs. These will cloud your judgment and you will make bad decisions that result in money loss. Also, don’t bet when you are tired. Good decisions have never been made after 2 a.m.

Set limits

This is the best thing a passionate gambler can do to keep his hobby in check. Set a maximum amount of time to spend gambling and a maximum sum you allow yourself to bet every week. Also, set a maximum amount of money you can lose per session. This will put a stop to your losing stream.

It is hard to live by limits imposed by oneself which is why we suggest having someone else enforce the limits on yourself. A spouse, a brother or even a close friend can be very helpful. You will probably be mad at this person at first but you will soon understand that it’s for your own good.

Understand the risk

Now, the rule of thumb in gambling is to never bet money you can’t afford losing. Always make sure all your basic expenses are covered and that you can comfortably live without the money you are about to bet. This is the key to responsible betting and it makes the difference between people who are good at it and people who should find another form of entertainment.

Practice with virtual money

If you prefer casino games that require skills, it’s best to not bet real money the first few times. Start with virtual currency until you get a hold of how the game is played. When you gain some confidence in your abilities, it’s ok to bet for real.

Know the signs

Gambling addiction is a very serious condition and should not be treated lightly. You can’t just tell them to snap out of it and just stop. They require professional help and support from other addicts. If you don’t want to ever deal with this type of hardship, make sure to practice responsible betting.

Feeling the need to keep betting although it’s clear your chances are horrible should be a wake up call for you. If you ever have to borrow money from friends or even worse, loan sharks, to support your online bets, you have a problem. If you ever steal or sell items from your house to get money for gambling, it’s time to get help. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can get through this alone. Chances are you will fail and there is no reason why you should subject yourself to that ordeal.

The New Super Heroes Slot Game by Yggdrasil Gaming

software_providers_yggdrasilYggdrasil Gaming spoils online slots players with high quality games that get you hooked for hours. Their newest game released on October 24, 2016 is nothing less than captivating. We are talking about a 5 x 3 video slot with 20 paylines oriented from left to right. If you manage to align at least 3 regular symbols in sequence on a payline, you win. You also get plenty of free spin symbols that award 4, 5 or 7 free spins depending on their type. The return to player is 96.1%.

If you are into games set in apocalyptic times, you will love Super Heroes. Aliens made contact and are now trying to take over our world. Luckily, there are 6 super heroes with special abilities who want to prevent this from happening. Wild reels, mystery wins and win multipliers await you to discover the powers of these superheroes who fight the evil aliens. Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?

The guys from Yggdrasil Gaming want to take the story one step further by commissioning a comic book about the 6 heroes and their abilities. They won’t stop here. Between October 28th and November 6th, you have the chance to join the 25,000-euro network tournament hosted by Yggdrasil Gaming.

Every time two heroes appear on the screen, your winnings will be increased. During free spins, this will happen every single time. Moreover, their powers will actually increase with every free spin. Other symbols on the reels portrait the villains that our super heroes are trying to defeat.

Let’s see the powers of the 6 super heroes:

  • Random Wilds: he summons a meteor shower to turn random symbols into wilds. Level 1 comes with at least 2 wilds.
  • Mystic Win: he turns high paying symbols into dice that spin until you are awarded a prize up to 50 times your stake.
  • Random Symbols: upon shooting a plasma beam into the ground, 2-5 symbols are changed so that you get a win.
  • Multiplier: a power-ball is charged by this super hero to multiply your win up to 5 times.
  • Extra Free Spins: this hero sets up a portal to award you up to 4 free spins.
  • Wild reel: you will see a rotating blade that turns the symbols on reels 1,2,3 and/or 4 into wilds. The number of awarded wilds is equal to the level number. Example: level 5 brings you 5 wilds.