Gambling is a very popular and thrilling activity that is easy to get addicted to. The reason it remains legal in many states and countries is twofold: it is very profitable and people can bet responsibly, whether it is in betting parlors, on the track, or online with a 22bet bonus. However, there is a group of punters that shouldn’t exist in the first place – minors. Here is why children should not be present when an adult is gambling.

The Appeal

Children and teenagers often see their parents’ behavior as something grown-ups do. Unfortunately, that involves risky behavior as well, which includes smoking, drinking, and gambling. If the parents partake in these things openly in front of their children and don’t warn them about the potential risks they bring, the children and minors in question are very likely to develop problems in these areas.

The problem comes from the fact that not only is gambling in itself addictive, but there is an extra thrill that adults don’t possess – the danger of getting caught. Minors are well aware that gambling is illegal for them and being faced with the prospect of getting caught doing something forbidden gives them a spike of adrenalin. As we’ve mentioned before, gambling is addictive and this could only make them come back for more to recreate the feeling, regardless of whether they are going to win or lose.

Is That The Only Reason?

No. There are more issues with the parents partaking in gambling when their kids are about that are, admittedly, less problematic. That being said, they should still not be ignored. When an adult is placing a bet or playing a casino game with their child present, the child is usually not the priority of their focus. This doesn’t mean that the parent should abandon their favorite hobby – far from it. However, they should pay due attention to their child and spend some quality time with them that doesn’t put them in the background.

Additionally, it is imperative that parents, whether they gamble or not, have a serious discussion about risky behaviors with their children and how to avoid making bad choices. That way, not only will they protect children from developing addictive habits, they will also prepare them for future challenges.

How Kids Gamble

While an adult has no problem visiting a parlor, a track, or a bar, and placing a bet there, it is different for children and minors. They are not allowed in these establishments and sometimes those with an early growth spurt can pass off as adults, but more often than not, they have to find a locale that is willing to break the law and let them in or bribe an adult to place a bet for them.

This is why online gambling is a big problem. There is no foolproof way of determining whether a punter is under 18/21 or not. This is the reason why many children and teens place bets and play casino games online. They can do it in relative safety and anonymity the internet provides to its visitors.